CROP & ROAST is a company founded in Switzerland by Matthias Dwidjo as part of our Farm Association “AURELIA DA’GABO” in Indonesia and is responsible for the Import, Marketing and Sales of our Product outside of Indonesia and acting as Point of Contact to all our Green Bean customers.

Our Concept is Direct Trade

CROP and ROAST is acting as strategic “Direct Trade” Partner for our Family and Farmers in Indonesia and responsible for knowledge transfer to Farmers and Quality Improvements for a long term and sustainable high quality Coffee.
With our great network, we are supporting the development and stabilization of the economy in these different coffee regions. In Indonesia.

Are you Coffee Lovers, Importers, Exporters, Roasters or even maybe you are Coffee Farmer, Processor Company or Cooperative? We are here to meet you all.

Our Philosophy

We believe the quality of our Coffee started from the source. Not only from the plantation and the Green Coffee Bean…. it is the Farmer, who producing these Great Coffee for us. Sustainability Production and trust will protect our resources and the future of our Farmers.
So yes…..we care.

We are growing...

Our Success in Flores Bajawa was the main driven factor for the expansion of Aurelia Da’Gabo to East Jawa Bondowoso, Bali Singaraja, Lombok Sembalun and Sulawesi Toraja Sapan/Pango-Pango. While Knowledge transfer is Foundry and Objective from Aurelia Da’Gabo, these Farms are now operating under the quality management of Aurelia Da’Gabo to produce the best indonesian coffee.

The Farm in East Jawa Arjuna and Ijen is a special project of Matthias Dwidjo (CROP and ROAST) to remember the part of his Family Root in East Jawa and his place where he grew up as a child. It is a great pleasure and honor that this Farms are now connected to Association Aurelia Da’Gabo, a successful Farmer Association.

CROP & ROAST in Switzerland offers Micro and Nano Lots direct from our Farmer Association in “Transparency” and “Detailed” Calculations” … from Ex-Work to your door.

Join our great network and get access to highest quality Indonesian Specialty Coffee direct from farm. Support directly our Farm Members with your contribution and suggestions to quality.

Flores Bajawa
East Jawa Bondowoso
Bali Singaraja
Lombok Sembalun
Sulawesi Toraja Sapan/Pango-Pango