Coffee Roaster

Made in Indonesia

For me, the first considerations when choosing any roaster is your scope, private use as “Home Roaster”, business use as “Professional Roaster”.
Roaster Machine which is used as Home Roaster can be used to roast green coffee with batch size 50g, 100g until 1kg for each roast. Professional Roasters are able to roast more than that. Home Roasters are mostly small or I cay say “handy”, so they can be used inside of Apartment or House. The selection is depend on design, how much coffee you generally want to roast or drink and how much you want to spend.

Professional Roasters are big and bulky. Usually it require professional installation in the facility for example exhaust connection. Professional user such as Roastery will always think regarding roasting cost related to the size of the Coffee Roasters, Roasting time, Consistency and Handling, latest aspects could be the design.

Some roasters work better than others … but here is one of the best Roaster out there, Roaster Machine Made in Indonesia.

WE x SUJI Mini Roaster 100

For Home Use or Professionals.

“Now everyone can roast their favorite beans”